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The Best Budget-Friendly Things to do in Brisbane

The Best Budget-Friendly Things to do in Brisbane

Ready for a ripper time in Brisbane without burning a hole in your pocket? Let’s spill the beans on the best wallet-friendly stuff to do in this iconic Aussie city. These are our easy tips for a cruisy and affordable Brisbane adventure. So, grab your Cheapa keys, let's roll, and make the most of Brissie without splurging.


What is Brisbane known for?

Brisbane – where the good times roll without the fuss! This Aussie city is known for its warm vibes, friendly faces, and a laid-back atmosphere that's hard to beat. Located in the heart of Queensland, Brisbane is a city that embraces its stunning river, serves up diverse culture on a platter, and turns every corner into a canvas for vibrant street art. Brisbane is where urban cool meets natural beauty, creating a unique blend that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Image: Tourism and Events Queensland


What’s the best way to explore Brisbane?

Wondering how to navigate the beauty of Brisbane without the hassle and high costs? Here's the secret: Cheapa Campa! Simply swing by our Cheapa Brisbane branch, snag your keys, and let the adventure begin. No need to stress about accommodation or tight schedules – with Cheapa Campa, you've got the freedom to explore Brisbane, and the wider region at your own pace. 


The best budget-friendly things to do in Brisbane

Ready to unlock the secrets of Brisbane without spending a fortune? We have your back, bringing you the ultimate guide to wallet-friendly wonders in this buzzing city.


1. Explore the South Bank Parklands

Looking for a chill spot in Brisbane that won't cost a thing? South Bank Parklands is your go-to! It's on the south side of the river and has great views and a super relaxed vibe. You can walk along the river, have a picnic on the grass, or just chill and enjoy the free stuff happening around you. From cool markets to live shows, the 17 hectares of South Bank Parklands is where Brisbane gets together for a good time that doesn't break the bank. 


2. Visit the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art

If you're up for some culture in Brisbane without spending a cent, head to the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA). It's right in the middle of the Cultural Precinct – a spot filled with all things creative and cool. At QAGOMA, you can dive into a world of art, from super-fancy contemporary stuff to exhibits that make you think. And here's the sweet part – they often have free exhibitions, so you can enjoy all the art without touching your wallet.


3. Discover Brisbane’s street art

Dive into the city's street art scene, where vibrant murals and hidden gems turn ordinary walls into an open-air gallery. Take a stroll through Fortitude Valley to spot iconic murals, and wander around West End to uncover hidden art gems. Brisbane's street art scene is a budget-friendly feast for the eyes, offering a unique and colourful experience for art lovers and curious wanderers.


4. Stroll along the Brisbane Riverwalk

Looking for a laid-back and budget-friendly way to enjoy Brisbane's stunning riverside? Say hello to the Brisbane Riverwalk! This scenic path along the river offers a perfect setting for a leisurely stroll, and the best part – it won't cost you a thing! A breezy walk with panoramic views of the Brisbane River, the iconic Story Bridge, and the city skyline. Whether you're a morning person looking for a peaceful start to the day or an evening explorer seeking a sunset view, the Brisbane Riverwalk has you covered.

Image: Tourism and Events Queensland


5. Explore the City Botanic Gardens

For a peaceful escape in the heart of Brisbane that won't cost a thing, check out the City Botanic Gardens. Just a short stroll from the CBD, this green oasis is a perfect spot to relax without spending money. Wander through green paths, discover unique plants, and find a cosy spot for a picnic. The City Botanic Gardens offer a break from the city hustle, and it's all budget-friendly.


6. Visit the Museum of Brisbane

If you're eager to explore Brisbane's vibrant history without dipping too deep into your wallet, the Museum of Brisbane is the place to be. Located in the iconic City Hall, this cultural hub is a budget-friendly gateway to the city's past and present. Engaging exhibitions showcase Brisbane's evolution through the years. From captivating displays to interactive showcases, the Museum of Brisbane offers an enriching experience. So, for a dose of culture, make your way to the city and let the Museum of Brisbane be your guide to the heart and soul of this Aussie gem.


7. Take a ferry ride on the CityHopper

For a cheap and scenic adventure in Brisbane, take a ride on the CityHopper ferry. It's free and floats along the Brisbane River, giving you a nice view of the city without spending money. Enjoy the skyline, go under cool bridges, and feel the breeze for memorable moments. Forget about expensive tours, enjoy the calm river, and let the CityHopper ferry be your ticket to a simple and affordable riverside adventure. The CityHopper isn't just a ride; it's a low-cost way to see Brisbane's beauty from the water.


8. Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

For a cheap and adorable day out in Brisbane, check out the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It's a budget-friendly way to get close to Australia's iconic animals. Walk among kangaroos, watch koalas in their natural home, and even hold a koala without spending too much. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is more than a visit; it's a pocket-friendly way to enjoy Aussie wildlife. Enjoy the sanctuary's natural charm, and make Lone Pine your spot for a simple and budget-friendly wildlife experience.


9. Explore the D’Aguilar National Park

For an affordable nature escape in Brisbane, explore D'Aguilar National Park. It's a budget-friendly way to immerse yourself in the great outdoors without spending a lot. Think about wandering through bushwalking trails, discovering waterfalls, and enjoying scenic lookouts—all without breaking the bank. D'Aguilar National Park offers a simple way to connect with nature just a short, 30 minute drive from Brisbane.


10. Visit the Roma Street Parkland

For a cheap and chill time in Brisbane, go to Roma Street Parkland. It's an easy and low-cost way to relax without spending too much. Just picture walking through nice gardens, hanging out in open spaces, and taking a casual stroll—all without breaking the bank. Roma Street Parkland is a simple and budget-friendly escape right in the middle of the city. Enjoy the park's calm vibe, and make Roma Street Parkland your go-to for an easy and affordable city getaway.

Image: Tourism and Events Queensland


The best budget-friendly holiday parks in Brisbane

 When it comes to planning an epic and budget-friendly getaway in Brisbane, finding the perfect place to park up your Cheapa Campa for the night is key. Check out the below options for some of the best holiday parks in the city.


Brisbane Holiday Village

Looking for a comfy and budget-friendly stay in Brisbane? Brisbane Holiday Village has got you covered. Imagine a peaceful retreat surrounded by greenery, offering everything you need for a great holiday. Whether you're a family, a couple, or a group of mates, NRMA Brisbane Holiday Village gives you an affordable escape just a short drive from the city.


Aussie Gardens Caravan Park

At Aussie Gardens Caravan Park, budget-friendly doesn't mean skimping on facilities. Enjoy the convenience of well-maintained amenities, including clean showers and toilets, a communal kitchen for your culinary adventures, and spacious sites for your Cheapa Campa. Enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool, a barbecue with family and friends, and a playground to keep the kids entertained. 


Ready to explore Brisbane with Cheapa?

Whether you're exploring the natural beauty of D'Aguilar National Park, enjoying the relaxed vibes of Roma Street Parkland, or cuddling koalas at Lone Pine Sanctuary, Brisbane has it all. What are you waiting for? Book your Cheapa Campa today.

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