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Best Hire Camper Vehicle for New Zealand

A road trip holiday is a unique and unforgettable way to travel New Zealand. Cheapa Campa offers a variety of vehicles so you can travel with ease and comfort. 

Whether you’d prefer to travel solo, as a couple, with a few friends or a larger family, we have the motorhome or campervan to suit your needs.

Our top quality vehicles are maintained and serviced to the highest standards, so that you can feel cosy and at ease in your home on wheels throughout your holiday. 


A campervan is a great option for first time travellers and those who prefer to forgo the bells and whistles. A campervan is smaller and more compact than a motorhome. Cheapa campervans have both self-contained and non-self-contained options. A Cheapa Campa hire campervan is an excellent budget option for your next vanlife adventure. 

For more information on each Cheapa Campa rental campervan, click below. 




A motorhome is a larger and self-contained rental camper. It allows for bigger groups, sleeping 2-6 and has much more interior space than a campervan and includes a toilet and shower. A Cheapa Campa motorhome is your home on wheels for your next road trip adventure, complete with all the comforts you could dream of. 

Learn about the motorhomes you can hire with Cheapa Campa below.


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