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Hire a Cheap Campervan to Travel NZ

Cheapa Campa‚Äôs range of campervans are suitable for 2-4 people. Most of them are not self-contained and they are usually more compact than a motorhome. If you are new to road trip holidays, campervans are a great way to start as they are smaller in size and easier to drive. Campervans are generally more affordable and efficient than larger motorhomes making them a good budget option. 

Our range of rental campervans in New Zealand include the Cheapa Hitop and Cheapa Endeavour, as well as one larger self-contained model, the Cheapa 2 Berth campervan which has an onboard toilet and shower. Click on the vehicles below for more information.

Cheapa Hitop

The Cheapa Campa Hitop is an affordable option for two people or couples seeking a rental van holiday. This campervan features all the essentials for a road trip holiday such as a double bed, fridge, gas stove, microwaves and sink.

Cheapa Endeavour

The 4 berth Cheapa Endeavour campervan will accommodate families and groups seeking an affordable and functional rental van. This camper features a kitchen, fridge/freezer, stove and more essentials for your road trip holiday.



Cheapa 2 Berth

If you're wanting a self-contained camper for you next road trip holiday, but don't need the space a motorhome provides, the Cheapa 2 Berth campervan is perfect. Perfect for couples, this rental van includes full bathroom and kitchen facilities.

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