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Things to do in Adelaide

Things to do in Adelaide

Welcome to our ultimate guide on things to do in Adelaide! If you're planning a road trip with your family in a comfy campervan, or if you're just daydreaming about a motorhome adventure to this southern state, you're in the right spot. We'll take you through the ‘absolutely can't-miss’ Adelaide activities, popular Adelaide city attractions and a few lesser-known places to visit in Adelaide – a perfect addition to any South Australia campervan travel itinerary. From sipping the finest wines to wandering through vibrant cultural festivals, we've covered the best of the best. Ready to hit the South Australian roads in style? Let’s dive in. 


What you need to know when visiting Adelaide

Before you rev up your campervan and set off to explore the top Adelaide attractions and Adelaide activities, there's a bit you should know. In the following sections, we are going to touch on a few essentials – everything from the city's alluring weather to where to stay on your campervan road trip through Adelaide – to ensure your campervan adventure is a breeze. 


The weather in Adelaide

Adelaide's weather? It's like nature’s perfect seasoning – just right. With its mild winters and warm, dry summers, this city flaunts a Mediterranean climate that's comfortable year-round. This means you can explore the bustling city streets or nearby natural wonders without the worry of extreme temperatures. And, oh, the autumn in Adelaide! It's a spectacle of foliage, painting the city in hues of amber and gold, perfect for those scenic campervan road trips. Whether it’s the sun-kissed summers or the crisp, cool winters, every season here has its own charm, making Adelaide a great destination year-round for any travel itinerary.


What’s Adelaide known for?

Ah, Adelaide. Where do we begin? Renowned for its vibrant food and wine scene, Adelaide is a proverbial playground for foodies and wine connoisseurs. From sipping Shiraz in the Barossa Valley to nibbling on artisanal treats at a local produce market – a campervan journey through Adelaide is a true culinary wonderland. And, of course, let's not forget the cultural canvas of this city: from the electric buzz of the Fringe Festival to the soulful rhythms of WOMADelaide, there’s always a festival or event to spice up your visit. If that weren’t enough, Adelaide is also a gateway to stunning escapes like the Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley, and, of course, the famous Barossa Valley. 

Besides these well-known charms, Adelaide is a haven for those looking for a laid-back holiday with a dash of urban charm and untamed adventure. Whether exploring the quaint streets, basking in the natural beauty of its surrounding parks and beaches, or delving into its rich history, Adelaide is more than meets the eye. Plus, with so many of Australia’s most iconic attractions and towns at your doorstep (Coober Pedy, the Nullabour, the Eyre Peninsula – just to name a few), it is also a perfect starting point for an unforgettable Australia road trip adventure.

Looking to explore more of South Australia beyond the Adelaide city limits? Here are a few of our most loved South Australia guides: 

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What’s the best way to explore Adelaide?

With so many incredible destinations at your doorstep in this city, one of the best ways to explore Adelaide is behind the wheel of an Apollo campervan. The road ahead is wide open, and the whole city (and beyond) is your playground. Besides, why limit yourself to a single spot when you can wake up to a new view daily? With a campervan, you're not just visiting a place; you're immersing yourself in every nook and cranny of Adelaide. From the bustling city streets to the serene hills, your travel itinerary is yours to craft. And hey, if spontaneity strikes, you're ready to follow its call.  


Where to stay in Adelaide

When the day winds down, and it's time to park your campervan, Adelaide offers some fantastic spots to rest and recharge. Whether you're looking for scenic views or easy city access, there are plenty of great Adelaide caravan parks to spend the night. Here are a few of our top picks for places to visit in Adelaide in your campervan.


Adelaide Beachfront Caravan and Holiday Park

First up, let's talk about the Adelaide Beachfront Caravan and Holiday Park. Nestled by the sea in the quaint suburb of Semaphore, this park is a little slice of paradise. With facilities like a swimming pool, BBQ spots, and a playground for the little adventurers, it’s a perfect family-friendly spot. Its prime location means you're just steps away from the soothing waves and sandy beaches. Plus, getting to and from Adelaide to explore the top Adelaide attractions is a breeze – just a short drive in your campervan will transport you from city bustle to beachfront bliss. 


Adelaide Caravan Park

Another top contender for places to visit in Adelaide for the night is the Adelaide Caravan Park. Tucked away in a serene part of the city near the Adelaide Zoo, this park is an oasis of calm, yet conveniently within 2 km of Adelaide's bustling centre. It boasts amenities that cater to every need – think laundry facilities, a swimming pool, and comfortable sites for your campervan. What sets it apart is its proximity to the tranquillity of nature and the excitement of city life – meaning you can explore the local Adelaide attractions during the day and return to a peaceful spot by night. 


The best things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide, a city bursting with culture, flavours, and natural beauty, offers a kaleidoscope of experiences. In this section, we're diving into some of the most exciting things to do in Adelaide’s city centre and beyond. From indulging in the sweet delights of Haigh’s Chocolate Factory to basking in the natural splendour of Mount Lofty Botanic Garden, get ready to add some unforgettable stops to your travel itinerary.


Tour Haigh’s Chocolate Factory

Chocoholics, rejoice! At Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, you're in for a treat (literally.) This isn't just any chocolate factory; it's a haven where artisan techniques meet the finest ethically sourced ingredients to create mouth-watering chocolates. And guess what? They offer free tours! From Monday to Saturday, step inside this chocolate paradise with a free Haighs factory tour and watch the chocolatiers craft their exceptional (and tasty) creations. The Haighs factory tour is an experience that tantalises all your senses – the aroma of rich chocolate, the sight of expert chocolatiers at work, and, of course, the taste of the final product – it's pure bliss. For those travelling by campervan, parking can be found at the nearby Greenhill Road Parking area. It's just a short walk from Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, allowing easy access to this chocolaty wonderland.


Explore Mount Lofty Botanic Garden

Next up, venture to the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, a sprawling 97-hectare oasis of flora and fauna. You can choose to take a guided tour of this natural outdoor gallery and sculptures or just meander through the paths at your leisure, discovering hidden gems at every turn. 

Regardless, don't miss the viewing platform for breathtaking views of the Piccadilly Valley. The Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens is a true feast for the senses, especially during autumn when the leaves put on a vibrant show. When visiting the gardens in your campervan, parking is conveniently available at the Upper Carpark off Summit Road – making this a perfect convenient stop on any Adelaide road trip. 


Visit the Migration Museum

The Migration Museum in Adelaide is a poignant reminder of the diverse cultural tapestry that makes up South Australia. Open daily, the Migration Museum tells the captivating stories of South Australians from various backgrounds, celebrating the state’s rich cultural diversity. 

As you walk through its exhibits, you'll discover personal narratives, historical documents, and artifacts that weave together the history of migration in this region. For those exploring Adelaide in a campervan, the Migration Museum is conveniently located in the city. You can park your vehicle at the nearby Solomon Street Car Park, just a short stroll from the museum, making it an easy and insightful addition to your travel itinerary.


Cleland Wildlife Park

Since 1967, Cleland Wildlife Park has been a must-visit destination for animal lovers looking for places to visit in Adelaide. This park allows visitors to connect with Australian animals in their natural environment, with limited enclosures and knowledgeable keepers enhancing the educational experience. 

Here, you can learn about the state's native animals and their habitats. For campervan travellers, Cleland Wildlife Park is a 25-minute drive from Adelaide. There’s ample parking available at the park, providing convenient access for visitors to step right from their campervan into the natural world of Australian wildlife.

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Visit the Hallett Cove Conservation Park

The Hallett Cove Conservation Park, renowned for its geological significance, houses some of the best-recorded evidence of the Permian glaciation and ice age 280 million years ago. Take a walk along the interpretative walking trail for a peek into the park's geological heritage as well as its cultural history. 

Then, with the ocean so close, you can grab a snorkel and spend the afternoon exploring this underwater world at places like Black Cliff and Hallet Cove Beach. Travelling by campervan from Adelaide, visitors can park in the designated car park, as vehicles are not permitted inside the park. This location offers easy access to the trailheads and the beach, making it a perfect stop on your Adelaide road trip.


Explore the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute

The Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, established in 1989, stands as Australia’s premier venue dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture. This hub of creativity showcases a vibrant array of visual arts, music, and dance performances, providing a profound insight into the rich and diverse cultures of Australia's First Peoples. 

Visitors can engage in interactive exhibits, watch live performances, and even participate in workshops. Conveniently located in the heart of Adelaide, this is easily one of the best Aboriginal Adelaide city attractions. Those travelling by campervan can find parking at the nearby Adelaide Car Park on Flinders Street, making it an easily accessible addition to any travel itinerary in Adelaide.


Himeji Garden

The Himeji Garden is a serene oasis that celebrates the sister city relationship between Adelaide and Himeji, Japan. Opened in 1985 and UNESCO registered in 1993, it beautifully combines two classic Japanese garden styles: the 'senzui' (lake and mountain garden) and the 'kare senzui' (dry garden). This tranquil spot is perfect for contemplation and experiencing a slice of Japanese culture. 

The garden's thoughtful design invites visitors to meander through its peaceful landscapes. This is hands-down one of the most tranquil and relaxing places to visit in Adelaide and the perfect Adelaide activity after a big day of exploring Adelaide city attractions. For those arriving by campervan, there is convenient parking available along South Terrace, just a short walk from the garden.  


Visit Adelaide Gaol

Adelaide Gaol (Adelaide jail) is one of the best places to visit in Adelaide for history buffs and curious minds. As one of Adelaide's oldest public buildings, the gaol offers a unique glimpse into 19th and 20th-century prison life. At the Adelaide gaol, you can engage in an immersive experience with activities like escape cells (similar to escape rooms), where you can test your problem-solving skills. 

The gaol also hosts a fascinating mugshot exhibition and an archaeological dig site, providing insights into the lives of former inmates and the prison's history. This makes Adelaide Gaol one of the most intriguing and educational stops on your Adelaide travel itinerary. For those visiting in a campervan, there’s convenient parking available on Gaol Road, just a short walk from the entrance. 


See the best of Adelaide with Apollo

As we wrap up our journey through Adelaide's marvels, from the artisan delights of Haigh’s Chocolate Factory to the tranquil Himeji Garden, from the historical depths of Adelaide Gaol to the natural beauty of the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, each of these Adelaide attractions are worth a visit on an Adelaide travel itinerary. 

The best part? With an Apollo campervan, you have the flexibility to tailor your journey to your own interests and pace. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking for a family adventure, Apollo has you covered.

If you are ready to start your adventure, you can easily book your Apollo motorhome online today and simply pick it up from any of our 10 Apollo branches in Australia to begin your road trip and tick off these Adelaide activities. Get ready to hit the road and create unforgettable memories in the beautiful city of Adelaide!

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